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2018 – Already a Banner Year for Cape Cod Real Estate!

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

2017 was unbelievably busy. There was no break even through the holidays which is normally a slower time. I worked right up to and during Christmas and New Years. The first slow period I saw was the first 2 weeks in January. Then, it all started again. Because the Cape and even much of New England has enjoyed a milder winter with less snow than usual, Buyers started arriving mid January. By the end of the month, our Spring market was in full swing.

Sellers don’t realize the Spring market is January, February, March…they think it starts in May. So they mistakenly list their property after most of the Spring Buyers have already bought a home.

Anyway, in February I was slammed. selling 6 houses that month alone. 4 of those were my listings, and 3 of these 4 listings received from 2-4 offers.

At this moment I have just 1 active listing – and am getting an offer on it later today! Luckily I have 2 new listings going on the market.  There is huge demand, and little supply. Even during the brutal Nor’easter we just had, and without power for almost 4 days – I was out showing houses the next day. Even though many roads were closed and there were detours everywhere, Buyers were out looking.

Bottom line; I don’t think this demand is going away anytime soon.


How old is your electric panel?

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017


Have you heard of Federal Pacific Electric?  I was recently the listing agent for a house built in 1973 that was very well maintained.  The home inspector noticed however that the main electric panel was made by Federal Pacific Electric. Come to find out, the company went out of business after a number of lawsuits against them for their breakers not tripping. If you google this company you will easily find more information. Most insurance companies recommend if not require replacement, and in the case of my Seller she had to credit the Buyer $2,000 for the cost of replacing the panel. Just one of those things that is good to know if you own an older home or are looking at buying one!

Federal Pacific 3 Federal Pacific 2 Federal Pacific 1